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  • "I'm so impressed with the speed and accuracy of the completed work! The images always come back looking consistent and beautiful! It's an absolute time-saver."
    - Tauran Woo
  • Hi William, I just got some edits back. The editors did such a great job. The lighting was extremely challenging and I was hesitant on sending this particular edit out for the editors because I felt I was the only one that would understand how to work with the images. The editors followed my instructions to a T!
    - Alex Richardson
  • "ColorEdits’s color correction service has changed my life. The quality is great, the turnaround time is really quick, and the customer service is excellent. They worked with me to fine tune my color preferences and use my preferred LR presets. If I have minor change requests they are quick to apply them. I feel like I have gotten a part of my life back with the time that has been freed up. Thank you Color Edits!"
    - Mi Belle Photographers
  • "I highly recommend working with Color Edits! They do beautiful work and will match your editing style. They offer affordable pricing and options depending on what you need. They are easy to get a hold of if you have any questions. I've worked with several editors in the past, and they are my favorite!"
    - Martina V.
  • "The team at Color Edits is just downright amazing! I have been working with their team of editors and they are some of the most efficient, kind and accurate photo editors I've ever worked with."
    - Jamie D Photography
  • "Color Edits has done a number of of events for me and each of them come back with great color balance & adjustments based on the specifications I gave them when we first started."
    - Leslie A Photography

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