FAQ | Color Edits

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get Started?

Create an account with us at ColorEdits.com. Click on the "Account" icon on the upper right screen. You will be taken to a page to create your account. Place your order and upload the images using Adobe Lightroom Smart previews. Here are the instructions.


How do you learn my style?

We review your  "before and after" sample images to learn your style. We also may visit your website to for additional image reference. Click here to see what client preferences can be uploaded and saved.


Can I work with one editor?

We assign a single Quality Specialist to each studio/photographer who is responsible to provide you consistent quality edits and oversee your complete order.


What type of files does Coloredits work with?

We work with Lightroom Smart Preview Catalog and files. Click here for an easy editorial.


How do I place an order?

To place an order click on either the "Purchase Services" top menu item or the "Order Now" button on the top right of the website. Enter your selections and quanities and submit the order. After making the payment you will be taken to the file upload page to upload your images using Lightroom Smart previews. Click here to see how to place an order.


What is the best way to submit my files?

Once the Order is placed, you upload the images via our online uploading system or send us a dropbox link via email and be sure to include your order number. Learn how to upload your files.


Can I place a rush order?

Yes, the charge for the rush orders is 2x the normal charges.


Do you offer straightening and basic cropping?

Yes We offer straightening and basic cropping. Cropping is very subjective - so we will perfrom basic cropping and leave the artistic cropping to you. You can select these features at no additional cost. Selections for cropping and straightening to made during checkout.


What if I do not like the color correction results?

It is very important that you are satisfied with our work. If there is something we can do better send us feedback so we can re-edit your order.