Getting Your Image Files Ready to Send

1. For Color Correction and culling orders, we highly recommend using Lightroom Smart Previews. Smart Previews are a feature of Lightroom, and they enable you to upload large orders in a fraction of the time it would take to upload RAW or JPEG files. 

You are going to need an Adobe Lightroom Catalog (Ircat) file and a folder containing Smart Previews to send.We suggest having a separate catalog for each job you process. (Some photographers maintain a single catalog with all their images). Either way select the images you want to send to ColorEdits.


2. With your images selected  go to  File -> Export as Catalog and click. 

3. In the export screen check Build/Include Smart Previews. DO NOT check Include Available Previews or Export Negative Files.Give your export a file name (Job name and date is recomended) and chose where to save (Client job folder is recomended).

4. Next go to the folder where you saved your export. You will see the Catalog file (Ircat) and Smart Previews folder. (There may be othe files and folders here - but these are the only two you want. 

5. Select the the catalog file and Smart Previews folder and export them as a zip file. 

PC - Right click selections and select Send To -> Compressed Zipped Folder

Mac - Right click selections and select Compress Items