Receiving Your Edited Files From ColorEdits

1. When your image files are ready you will receive an email from ColorEdits with a link to your original Lrcat file you included in the ZIP file with the Smart Previews. You will not receive the Smart Previews as they should still be on your computer in their original location. Click and download the catalog Lrcat file to your desktop. Now go to the folder where your original catalog file is located.

2. Rename the orginal file with an "-old" at the end for backup purposes. See below.

3. Next copy the file your downloaded from ColorEdits (residing on your desktop) to the original folder.

4. Click on the new ColorEdits Lrcat file and Adobe Lightroom will reopen and all your images will update to show all the awesome new edits. Remember you will only be looking at Smart Previews - smaller files. You may want to create standard size or 1:1 sized previews if you need more detail. You can do this by going to the main menu in the Libary module and clicking on  Libary -> Previews.