Welcome to Color Edits | Turnaround Time 2-3 Days

How it Works

1.) Your Style. Your Way.

We'll work with you 1 on 1 to learn and achieve your style, or even help you develop one. Did you know the owner has worked with every single photographer since the business started? Now that's true customer appreciation.

2.) Submit Your Shoot

You can have your images back in as little as 24hrs. We have a turnaround available for all types of photographers and their clients needs. Your clients will be blown away.

3.) Free Samples

We enjoy editing a few samples for free when you sign up. After that, you'll just submit each shoot along with any additional instructions.

4.) Upload Your Files

This is the easiest part for you. You'll upload your images or Lightroom Smart Previews directly to us, no need to work with 3rd party hosting to send us images. It's really that simple. We'll be off editing, while you take a vacation or focus on your business and clients.

5.) Guaranteed Turnarounds

We have the fastest turnaround in the industry, with images back to you in as little as 24hrs. Yes, we've even been known to have images back the same day. Quality and consistency are our first priorities, coupled with our blazing turnaround, we've found the keys to keep your clients happy.

6.) Download Your Files

This part is exciting. You'll download the edited images from us and be blown away by how much time you just saved.