Welcome to Color Edits | Turnaround Time 2-3 Days


I'm so impressed with the speed and accuracy of the completed work! The images always come back looking consistent and beautiful! It's an absolute time-saver.

Tauran Woo

The team at Color Edits is just downright amazing! They are some of the most efficient, kind and accurate photo editors I've ever worked with. Whenever I have my weddings and sessions edited by them, it's always done very quickly (sometimes within 2 days) and matches the look of my work precisely. I had a difficult time handing over my editing to someone else in the beginning because I thought I was the only one that could make my work perfect - but let me tell you - I am so so so incredibly happy that I've now handed all of my editing to Color Edits. They go above and beyond to make sure that I'm happy with every single photo that they edit and will always check to make sure that I'm pleased and have no issues. Any time that I've ever had an issue with white balance or cropping, they've been so quick to just make it right. Their customer service is outstanding and they are always quick to answer any concerns or questions that I have. I will never trust my editing to anyone else! Not even myself at this point, because they are so much quicker than I am while still being incredibly accurate. I have so much more time for my clients and my family now, because I'm not sitting at my computer for hours on end. I have found the perfect editors in Color Edits!

Jamie D Photography

Color Edits’s color correction service has changed my life. The quality is great, the turnaround time is really quick, and the customer service is excellent. They worked with me to fine tune my color preferences and use my preferred LR presets. If I have minor change requests they are quick to apply them. I feel like I have gotten a part of my life back with the time that has been freed up. Thank you Color Edits!.

Mi Belle Photographers

I highly recommend working with Color Edits! They do beautiful work and will match your editing style. They offer affordable pricing and options depending on what you need. They are easy to get a hold of if you have any questions. I've worked with several editors in the past, and they are my favorite! I'm so glad I found them.

Martina V.

In late 2016, I became aware of Karma Albums. As a wedding photographer, who was personally overwhelmed with editing completed weddings while trying to photograph upcoming weddings, I desperately needed help. After reading reviews on Karma's website, I contacted one of the photographers highlighted in their testimonials. As a result of that conversation I contacted Karma Albums. And, since 2016 I have been grateful for Karma's continued professional partnership in growing my business and in being able to provide my customers faster responses. Now that Karma Albums has merged with Color Edits - with highly respected and known photographers like William Innes - I am truly excited for them. This partnership of Karma Albums with Color Edits is one we can trust will be only about professional and quality results for our customers.

Ana Montgomery CPP Photography, Irvine, CA

I wanted to write and tell you how much I am loving the service you are offering with coloredits.com. I fell in love with photography again after seeing your editors work their magic. I wanted a fresh and new life to my work and your team has done wonders.

Mary Frazee - Mary Gillespie Photography, Lodi CA

ColorEdits has done a number of of events for me and each of them come back with great color balance & adjustments based on the specifications I gave them when we first started

Leslie A Photography